Wall Events : your new Walloon partner offering a complete solution in location management equipment for your filming and events

Wall Events was created thanks to the advice and financial support of

Wallimage Enterprises as well as private investors

Therefore, Wall Events is eligible with Wallimage and the Tax Shelter

Wall Events offer various services and a wide range of useful equipment required to shoot in the best possible conditions. Wall Events will meet the requirements of film sets and technicians

Marquees, E-Z UP tents, latest generation walkie talkies (digital), wardrobe/make-up/hairdressing equipment, heating, electrical equipment, control equipment, vehicles and much more

Wall Events also propose direct sales of various "consumable" products

Our offices and well stocked warehouse are located in the heart of Walloon Brabant in the

City of Genappe within easy access of main roads to Brussels, Charleroi and Namur.

We remain available 7 days a week

Jean-Yves Dupuis